Our Community

Playing a role in our world

Book Buddies

This special, long-standing mentorship tradition at HNS fosters important bonds between our older and younger students.  Book buddies read, picnic, play, go on field trips together, and more!

Advent and May Day Programs

These time-honored traditions provide all students with opportunities to perform and to celebrate our Episcopal identity and our connection to Hawai‘i. Special Events such as Movie Night, Bingo, and Grandparents Day: Opportunities for families, parishioners, neighbors, and friends of HNS to gather during the year creates a strong sense of community for our neighborhood school.

Hawk Athletics

Our HNS Hawks teams exhibit character, heart, and excellence. Students in 3rd-8th grade are welcomed to be a part of our Hawks teams. Volleyball, basketball, and cross country seasons allow for students in 3rd-8th grade to build skills & teamwork,  everyone’s school spirit.

Experiential Learning

The HNS program provides students with amazing opportunities for experiential learning including off island class trips, Honolulu Theater for Youth (HTY) plays, walking trips to the Aina Haina public library, museums, hiking, and so much more.