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Holy Nativity School is dedicated to excellence in education within a small and personalized environment. Built upon the qualities of respect and inclusion, as exemplified in the Episcopal tradition, Holy Nativity School values each child’s individuality as it develops principled citizens who recognize their role in a global community.

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Personalized Learning

Individualized Attention Helping Your Child Achieve Their Best

Holy Nativity School has a rich history of providing a personalized approach to learning in a small, intimate, setting for students starting school as 3 year olds and continuing on through the 8th grade. Small classes, nurturing teachers, challenging curriculum, and integrated technology create the foundation that has continually encouraged outstanding achievements as HNS students display the inherent pleasure of lifelong learning.

In the Episcopal tradition, we are called to create an open and supportive academic community of faith for all. Children grow, develop, and learn at different rates and stages. The growth and development of each child involves many dimensions: heart, mind, body, and soul. Our talented and committed teachers provide individualized attention to help each student achieve his or her academic and personal best. Our teachers enjoy the independence to develop programs and courses that reflect their creativity, keep their classrooms fresh, and most importantly engage their students.

Our Staff

Character. Heart. Excellence.

Our talented and committed teachers provide individualized attention to help each student achieve his or her academic and personal best.

Jyo Bridgewater

Jyo Bridgewater

Principal / 6th Grade Teacher

Jyo Bridgewater is the Principal of Holy Nativity School and the lead teacher in the 6th grade classroom. A graduate of Yale and NYU School of Law, she has been involved in child advocacy and education in a number of roles and settings.

Kelly Goheen

Kelly Goheen

Director of Admission & Marketing

Kelly has had a distinguished career as an educator and administrator at Holy Nativity 2001. She has served as the Director of Admission & Marketing and previously as the Assistant Head of School.

Kim Hoi

Kim Hoi

Director of Student Services

Kimberly Hoi first began teaching at HNS in 2005 and has been the lead teacher in 3rd grade since 2009. In the 2017-2018 school year, she began her new role as the Religion Studies teacher and Director of Special Events.

Craig Spurrier

Craig Spurrier

Chief Technology Officer

Craig Spurrier has been at Holy Nativity School since 2011. He holds a BA in Sociology from the University of South Carolina Aiken, a MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of South Carolina, a MS in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati and is a PhD candidate at the University of Western Ontario

Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez

Interim Rector

The Rev’d Luis Rodriguez has been serving as Interim Rector at Holy Nativity since February 2017.He earned his BA in History and Religious Studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and then went on to receive an MA in History from California State University at Los Angeles.

Ryan M. Tanaka

Ryan M. Tanaka

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan M. Tanaka has been at Holy Nativity School since 2011. Ryan graduated from Punahou School in 1998, earned his Corporate Finance degree at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and completed his MBA at Chaminade University.

A Word

From Our Head of School

“At HNS, your child is known and loved. We are blessed with wonderful families and dedicated teachers who work together to make each day special.”

– Tim Spurrier

Tim Spurrier joined Holy Nativity School as the Head of School in 2011. His diverse background in education, communication, and business, as well as life experiences, led him to the leadership role at HNS.  Since 1998, Tim has been acknowledged for his innovative contributions to Personalized Learning.

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