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Sixth Grade

Jordan Gibson

6th Grade

Jordan Gibson returns to Holy Nativity School as part of the 6G teaching team. He'll be teaching mathematical concepts and logical thinking skills to the 6th graders, and coaching the HNS Hawks Basketball team. 


Sixth grade at Holy Nativity School culminates the elementary school experience.  It is a year of reflection, leadership, inquiry, and exposure to big ideas.  Sixth graders are guided in developing a metacognitive approach to their learning, understanding their individual strengths and challenges, and working strategically to optimize efficiency.  Along with a continuation of mathematics and language arts, students study world history and economies of the world and begin social science research.  The executive function skills of organization, time management, and prioritization are taught and practiced.  Sixth graders work and play, both independently and cooperatively. They are encouraged to be creative and compassionate.  

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