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How To Apply

How To Apply

We are honored that you are considering HNS to provide a solid educational foundation for your child’s future. As any parent knows, getting your child into a quality school is an important, but sometimes daunting task. The following will help you with the details as you submit your child’s application to HNS.

Applications submitted by December 1 will be considered in the priority round of admission decisions for the upcoming school year. Families are still welcomed to apply after December 1st for any spaces still remaining. Priority round decisions will be made by the Admission Committee by April 15 and parents will be notified by mail in accordance with the common reply dates of the HAIS (Hawaii Association of Independent Schools).

At any time during this process, please call us at (808) 373-3232 or email with any questions or concerns you may have.

Parents are welcomed to apply online via FACTS.  There is an application fee of $120 per applicant for all grades payable via the FACTS online application.

When you apply, you will need to have available for upload:

1. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.

2. Copy of previous year’s final progress report (if applicable)

3. Copy of first semester progress report of the current school year (if applicable)

Teacher Reference Reports (TRR’s) must be mailed to the school by the referring teacher. Preschool and Kinder applicants must provide at least one TRR, while applicants to 1st-6th grade must submit at least 2 TRR’s.

Optional Items:

1. Mentor reports (written by coaches, extra-curricular activity teachers, etc) and other letters of recommendation 

2. Supplemental materials such as other assessments, testing, etc. can be submitted to provide more information about each applicant. (The SSAT is not required for admission to HNS.)

3. A photo of the applicant



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