Welcome Back to Campus!

Holy Nativity School welcomes you back to your elementary school memories and roots. We want to create a network of alumni to facilitate a lifelong connection to the school and your classmates. In the future we will be hosting alumni events, reunion parties, and launching an online newsletter so you can stay in touch.

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Laurie Callies, third from the left

I am honored to return back to Holy Nativity School as a Trustee and am thrilled to see our honored traditions still alive today!

Laurie Garrett "Laurie Callies" '64

First Lani Osco Awardee

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What are your favorite campus memories? ~as quoted from Facebook

Cammie (Chun) Russell
Definitely Lei Day! I loved the excitement of practicing & getting ready, performing, the smell of plumeria and watching the preschoolers – so cute! Now, I enjoy watching (and smell- ing) as a parent and they are all cute and amazing. This year, I will get to watch both of my children. The most hilarious part is all the parents racing to the front to take pictures when their children’s class is on stage. All the parents make sure the other parents can see their children, too and everyone is laughing the whole time. Great fun!


Tia (Burgess) Newgen
I have very fond memories of going to chapel on Wednesdays—then someone would bring McDonalds back to the school for lunch. YUMMY! I remember walking to the bus stop after school – via the seed shop in Aina Haina. They had The BEST seeds!!! 😀


Kassie Lee
We were the first class to take the “Big Island Adventure” with Mrs. Normand. My dad came along with us and we had the best class adventure ever. Spoons anyone? We came back to school and put on a performance of our trip for …the school. Oh what a long time ago that was. Such good memories! One other one was when my little brother, Ryan Lee, and his best friend David Hanssen were pillow and crown bearers during May Day! So cute they were 😀
Troy Higa
End-of-the-year picnic at Ft. DeRussy and Camp Mokuleia